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Sludge Management Facility Plan for the Ocean County Utilities Authority
Author: Perry L. Schafer, Robert Holland, Peter Doe
Date: 5/985
Presented to New Jersey Water Pollution Control Association, 70th Annual Conference Bally Park Place, Atlantic City, New Jersey, May 9, 1986

This paper describes the planning process for the Ocean County Utilities Authority's sludge management facilities. This planning process was conducted from 1981 to early 1984 and involved evaluation of a large number of alternatives: these were evaluated in three successive screening steps, proceeding from broad conceptual options to specific detailed projects. A final project was recommended based on several engineering, economic, environmental, and financial assessments and based on input and review from the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), Ocean County Utilities Authority (OCUA) staff, the State of New Jersey, and other agencies. The primary objective of the facilities plan was to develop a recommended program of treating and disposing of OCUA sludge which would meet all regulatory requirements.