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Deep-Ocean Disposal of Sewage Sludge Off Orange County, California: A Research Plan
Author: William K. Faisst, Norman H. Brooks, Robert G. Arnold, Robert C. Y. Koh, George A. Jackson
Date: 11/82
From Oceanic Processes in Marine Pollution Vol. II, Physico Chemical Processes and Wastes in the Ocean, 1987

A seven-year research plan has been developed to study the environmental and possible health effects of a proposed outfall for the discharge of sewage sludge into the ocean. The proposed special pipeline would be constructed to an unprecedented depth of about 300-400 m off the coast of Orange County in southern California. Anticipated environmental effects associated with marine sludge disposal would be minimal at that depth. Approval to conduct this experiment is being sought through special legislation and/or regulatory actions at both state and federal levels.