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Trace Element Removal From Power Plant Waste Streams by Adsorption/Coprecipitation With Amorphous Iron Hydroxide
Author: Douglas T. Merrill, Winston Chow, James O. Leckie
Date: 11/84
Presented at the 1984 AICHE Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California, November 26-30

The technical and economic feasibility of removing inorganic trace elements from coal-fired power plant wastestreams by adsorption/coprecipitation with amorphous iron oxyhydroxide has been evaluated. Due to their presence in coal, arsenic, selenium, cadmium, and lead are often at elevated concentrations in ash pond waters. Trace element removal from ash pond effluents from five power plants was evaluated experimentally. This process can achieve more than ninety percent removal of several trace elements at projected costs well below other competitive processes.