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Overview of Basic Water Pollution Issues
Author: James G. Smith, Denis M. O'Malley
Date: 4/284
Presented to the American Oil Chemists Society, April 28, 1984

You don't have to be a technical specialist in the 1980's to be familiar with the term "water pollution." Since 1972, with enactment of the Clean Water Act, the federal government, local communities, and industries such as yours have spent billions of dollars to control water pollution. For more than a decade newspapers, magazines, television, radio, city council and corporate board meetings, back porch jawboning sessions, and even Sunday sermons have dealt with the topic of water pollution. Rather than help us understand water pollution, this broad range of opinion, fact, and misinformation may actually obscure our understanding. In this segment of your Environmental Short Course, we will address the following basic water pollution issues: 1. What is water pollution? 2. Where does water pollution occur? 3. How does water pollution occur? 4. Who is involved in water pollution control?