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Professional Liability Issues from a Consultant's Point of View
Author: Richard C. Bain
Date: 3/784
Presented at the 35th Annual Road Builder's Clinic, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, March 7, 1984

Professional engineers are commonly retained for different reasons. Some may say engineers are hired to build other people's dreams, or at least design them. Engineers may on occasion be retained to correct a problem, but this may mean some other engineer is in trouble. Engineers are brought in to make things happen and usually this leads to construction. The construction project, be it a new hotel, a bridge, or a sewer, is to satisfy some owner's need or perceived need, whether this be in the public or private sector. When people have a particular project in mind, it is often more of a concept. The engineer has to take the concept through to implementation; this process usually involves introduction of harsh reality on what can be built and at what cost. Thus the engineer may be a bearer of bad news from an owner's perspective. Professional liability issues probably begin about this point unless the engineer has educated his client well.

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