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Demonstration Plant to Yield New Data on Full-scale GAC Treatment
Author: Ted H. Knutzen, Michael C. Lee, Wayne Koffskey, Joseph H. Prange Jr.
Date: 7/183
Reprinted from Public Works, July 1983

Research has demonstrated that granular activated carbon (GAC) has the ability to remove a wide spectrum of trace organic chemicals from drinking water in a number of pilot-scale studies, but water utilities have only limited data available for evaluating GAC in full-scale operation. The project now under way at Jefferson Parish, will fill part of this information gap. The Jefferson Parish Department of Water is currently developing a demonstration plant that will give the water industry significant information about cost and performance of full-scale GAC treatment for removing trace organic chemicals from drinking water supplies. Brown and Caldwell, and Burk & Associates, Inc., recently completed design of the plant. The work was bid late in 1982 with Constructors, Inc., Baton Rouge, offering the low bid of $957,400.