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Economically Innovative Composting for the Central Valley Project, Salt Lake City
Author: John T. Bouey

Recent studies at Salt Lake City, Utah, showed composting of wastewater-generated solids to be the most cost-effective of several solids-processing alternatives for the Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility. The composting system at Central Valley is designed to convert solids from the treatment plant into a soil conditioner for reuse in nonfood-chain applications. Marketability studies indicated a strong potential market for the compost product, and a pilot demonstration program tested technical aspects of the system. The Central Valley composting system will have a capacity of 27 dry tons of sludge per day and will use the aerated static-pile method of composting with several innovative features. The aeration piping for the compost pile will be permanently imbedded in the concrete or asphalt pad. Locally available brush chips will be the primary bulking agent instead of the conventional wood chips, and several mechanized components will reduce labor costs. Special moisture control features are expected to improve the efficiency of the compost screening process.