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Management Plan for Naval Engineering Command
Author: Charles Dujardin, David Olson
Presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers National Conference on Environmental Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia, June 1981

The Western Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command incorporates sixteen major Naval and Marine centers in southern California and Arizona. Numerous hazardous materials (HM) and hazardous wastes (HW) are handled and generated daily by such industrial operations as aircraft rework, ship repair, metal plating, research and development, fuel storage and supply, vehicular maintenance, missile and propellent manufacturing, and photographic services. Each activity has its own inherent disposal problem dictated by specific quantities and types of wastes generated. In total, there are over one hundred different types of process and chemical wastes generated at the activities and several hundred kinds of HM handled by the centers. There could be as many as 200 generators of HW at a single activity. In addition, the major operations at a center may cover an area of over 100 square miles.

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