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Cambi Doubles Digester Capacity, Cuts Costs in DC
Brown and Caldwell is managing DC Water’s innovative $400 million biosolids program at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, the world’s largest advanced treatment facility. The program will implement Cambi thermal hydrolysis, a process that typically doubles digester throughput, making digesters more economically viable, for the first time in North America. Built on only six acres, the completed facilities will provide one of the most extensive sludge digestion systems ever developed, constructing four Cambi thermal hydrolysis trains, four digesters, new dewatering equipment, and a 13-megawatt combined heat and power system. With Cambi, DC Water will require fewer digesters, cut greenhouse gases, produce more energy and create higher quality biosolids – all combining to save DC Water millions of dollars annually when facilities begin operating in 2014.
  • 2012 IWA Global Honour Award in Planning
  • 2012 AAEE Excellence in Engineering Grand Prize
  • 2011 WERF Excellence in Innovation Award
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