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Innovative Solution Gets Regulatory Thumbs-up
Brown and Caldwell's innovative approach to DNAPL containment at a former chemical manufacturing facility resulted in a successful site investigation and approval of a remedial action plan from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, after decades of multi-faceted remedial activities failed to provide a long-term solution for site redevelopment under the state's brownfields program. The fast-tracked, multi-million dollar supplemental remedial investigation redefined the Conceptual Site Model and successfully addressed additional areas of soil and groundwater impact. BC is serving as lead environmental engineer and consultant for the project, which includes development of a waterfront park with restored wetlands, public access to the water, and commercial development.
In March 2015, Brown and Caldwell's Chief Project Engineer was interviewed by Woodbridge Township's Chief of Staff. Click here to learn more about the remediation and development of the former brownfields site.
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