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Steve Dills joins Brown and Caldwell as SVP, Digital Services

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. -- July 18,  2017 – Brown and Caldwell, a leading environmental engineering and construction firm, today announced that IT strategist Steve Dills has joined the firm as Senior Vice President, Digital Services. 
From enhancing client outreach in the digital realm and implementing the latest in cybersecurity measures, to optimizing the company’s workflow and collaboration tools, Dills’ scope will be broad and benefit employees and clients alike.

"Digitization is advancing at breakneck speed, and it's critical that we have executive leadership charting our digital course,” said Craig Goehring, Brown and Caldwell CEO. "We found Steve’s experience a natural fit for our vision and direction, and his passion for serving clients matches our own.”

Along with Brown and Caldwell’s strong virtual company model, Dills said he was impressed with the value Brown and Caldwell places on team collaboration and the investment the firm has made into its robust information systems architecture.

"The current business and information era requires organizations to operate with extreme velocity, clear transparency, and precision in their communications and information-sharing,” Dills said. "Brown and Caldwell’s collaborative culture is flourishing and with this winning mindset they are succeeding within these new and necessary dimensions.”

Dills started his career in environmental engineering before transitioning to IT leadership for several multinational companies where he earned a reputation as a strategic and results-driven innovator. Most recently, Dills was Global Vice President of Information Technology at the Gates Corporation, which employs 14,000 people in 100 locations across 30 countries.

Dills has a master’s degree in industrial design and systems engineering and a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering, both from the University of Michigan. Dills is based in Denver and can be reached at or (303) 968-2024.


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