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Brown and Caldwell projects and people are frequently recognized for innovation and service, including recent honors from national organizations.

Delivering a World-Class Vision

First-of-its-Kind In-Lake Buoyant Pipeline

Brown and Caldwell Recognized for Safety
Delivering a World-Class Vision

DC Water's award-winning Biosolids Program at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant dramatically transforms the way wastewater solids are processed and managed. The program centers on the implementation of North America's first and the world's largest installation of the Cambi™ thermal hydrolysis process (THP), anaerobic digestion, final belt filter press dewatering and a combined heat and power system. Considered one of the greenest wastewater projects ever conceived, the $470 million facility requires fewer digesters, cuts greenhouse gases, produces renewable energy, and creates Class A biosolids—all combining to save utility ratepayers millions of dollars annually. Brown and Caldwell was DC Water's program manager, developer, and lead designer for bringing this complex system to fruition.


  • 2016 US Water Prize
  • 2012 AAEE Excellence in Engineering
  • 2012 IWA Global Honour Award in Planning
  • 2011 WERF Excellence in Innovation Award