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In an era of tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, your infrastructure needs can't afford delays. Call on Brown and Caldwell's full-service team to take on your biggest environmental challenges – the tougher the better. We combine construction know-how with world-class engineering and exceptional client service to achieve higher quality, expedite schedules, and reduce capital and operations costs.

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Delivering an
wastewater treatment
plant expansion
using design-build

North Davis Sewer District's $58 million Biosolids Process Expansion in Syracuse, Utah is a model for a low carbon footprint, high energy efficiency facility designed to meet the demand of a rapidly growing population and comply with regulations through 2025 and beyond. Use of the progressive design-build delivery method and continuous collaboration between the District and Brown and Caldwell reduced project risk and promoted innovation, ultimately leading toward the high-quality and customized facility the District desired. Brown and Caldwell delivered the project more than $2 million under the Guaranteed Maximum Price.

2016  ENR Regional Best Project Award, Water/Environment
2015  ACEC Utah Award of Merit

Cogeneration facility
upgrade triples
electrical capacity,
saves nearly
$1 million

The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) completed a fast-track capacity upgrade that replaced WASD's existing cogeneration system with state-of-the-art equipment that generates almost triple the electrical capacity without discharging additional air pollutants. This is one of the first cogeneration systems of this size (8 megawatts) that is capable of using three different types of fuel feedstocks (digester, landfill, and natural gas) in an infinitely variable mix. The Brown and Caldwell/Poole & Kent design-build team completed the project on schedule and within budget, providing nearly $1 million in electrical cost savings to WASD.

2015  DBIA Florida Best Overall Award, Water/Wastewater

implementation saves
$3.6 million

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati's (MSDGC) $10 million Oakley Station Separation Sewer project represents the first design-build project MSDGC has undertaken. Brown and Caldwell integrated with MSDGC early in the project to save more than $3.6 million in overall project costs and meet an aggressive 21-month schedule.

2015  DBIA National Award of Merit, Water/Wastewater

collaboration opens
the door to
design-build and a
new water supply

The City of Quincy, Washington, is working with Brown and Caldwell and two private-sector partners to develop a new utility, providing an innovative solution to the area's growing industrial water demands. Contracting to the City of Quincy's wastewater operations firm, Brown and Caldwell led the design-build delivery of the new water softening system, which serves major data center facilities in the area.

Advanced treatment
innovation sets new
industry standard,
saves Regional San
$100 million

The Brown and Caldwell team completed a fast-track design-build installation of the Advanced Treatment Technology Pilot Plant in Elk Grove, California, in just 10 months. Brown and Caldwell then operated the facility to evaluate the efficacy of biological nutrient removal (BNR) technologies, providing critical information for the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District's (Regional San) EchoWater program–a $1.7 billion upgrade of Regional San's 181-million-gallon per day regional wastewater facility that serves 1.4 million customers. The innovations tested and proved in the pilot project set a new standard on filtration methods and allowed Regional San to save an estimated $100 million for the permit-required upgrades, which will ultimately translate into significantly reduced homeowner rate increases.

2014  WE&RF Award for Excellence in Innovation

DC Water's biosolids
program delivers

DC Water's award-winning Biosolids Program at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant dramatically transforms the way wastewater solids are processed and managed. Considered one of the greenest and most sustainable wastewater projects ever conceived, the $470 million biosolids facility requires fewer digesters, cuts greenhouse gases, produces renewable energy, and creates Class A biosolids—all combining to save utility ratepayers millions of dollars annually. Brown and Caldwell was DC Water's program manager, developer, and lead designer for bringing this large, complex system to fruition, much of which was completed using the design-build delivery method.

2016  US Water Prize
2012  AAEE Excellence in Engineering Grand Prize
2012  IWA Global Honour Award in Planning
2011  WE&RF Award for Excellence in Innovation

Innovations make
fast-tracked MBR
water reclamation
facility stand out

The Johns Creek Environmental Campus is a state-of-the-art 15-mgd Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) water reclamation facility that was fast tracked in 40 months using design-build. BC served as the lead designer for this model wastewater treatment facility, which is nationally recognized for numerous reasons: it is the largest of its kind MBR water reclamation facility in the U.S.; the facility achieves zero noticeable odor, noise and light impact to adjacent neighbors; community educational facilities and features are incorporated; and, the plant was built on a reduced footprint that includes most treatment components underground.

2010  DBIA National Award – Best Water/Wastewater Project Greater than $25 Million
2010  DBIA Best Overall Design-Build Project, Southeast
2010  DBIA Best Water/Wastewater Project, Southeast
2010  ENR Best of the Best Award
2010  ACEC/G Engineering Excellence Award – Grand Award
2010  ACEC National Recognition Award
2010  Environmental Business Journal Project Merit Award
2010  Southeast Construction – Best Civil/Public Works Project in Southeast
2009  IEC Excellence in Construction Award (Industrial Facility National Award)
2009  ACI Georgia Award of Excellence

Collaborative delivery gains momentum

We're excited to welcome nationally recognized collaborative project delivery expert, author, and lecturer Leofwin Clark to our team. Leofwin joins BC's established bench of design-build, design-build-operate, CMAR and program management professionals who are poised to deliver as more water utilities make the switch to these delivery methods.

Interested in joining our team? Contact BC recruiter Kelli Mech or browse available opportunities on our careers page.

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Keep up with the latest advances in design-build delivery. Click on the titles below to download presentations from DBIA's 2017 and 2016 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater conferences, or subscribe to our Technical Paper library to access project case studies and more.

General Sessions

Why Owners Choose Design-Build

Industry leaders discussed their experiences with design-build delivery, including how they introduced design-build to their utility, their lessons learned on their 'maiden voyage' with design-build, knowing when DB contracting is appropriate and how DB contracting helps achieve objectives of a major CIP.

Contact Stephen Gates

Demand for Design-Build in the Water/Wastewater Sector

The Water Design Build Council commissioned independent research to assess the size of and trends in design build contracting among the nation's water and wastewater utilities. This primary research had never been done before. The Conference Closing Session was the initial presentation of the results of this first-ever research.

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Standard Form of Contract for Progressive Design-Build

As Progressive Design-Build (PDB) gains momentum; there is a greater need for standardized contract forms to help guide the design and construction industry through the procurement process. DBIA and the Water Design-Build Council (WDBC), through a collaborative partnership, have developed that much-needed form. This session provided an overview of the new standard form and highlighted key areas.

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Grabbing the Bull by the Horns: Darigold's Successful Employment of Design-Build Delivery

This presentation demonstrated the benefits of design-build delivery for Darigold's environmental systems, which require management of special permitting needs. Darigold successfully executed two alternative delivery projects at its Sunnyside, Washington facility. Fixed Price and Progressive Design-Build created infrastructure solutions that are outside Darigold's core business. Integrated delivery facilitated collaboration of multiple stakeholders, enabling greater control by Darigold while streamlining delivery by establishing a single point of accountability for all project aspects by the design-builder.

Contact Jeremy Hollingsworth

Success with City of Everett's First Design-Build Projects

Although the City of Everett had used GCCM to successfully deliver a large treatment related project, it did not have experience with design-build. After assessing delivery options for two smaller projects (~$5M each) in 2013, the City opted to use design-build. This presentation provided an overview of the decision-making process to select design-build delivery, lessons learned from the City's first design-build projects, and strategies for effectively using design-build for smaller capital projects.

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Piloting Design-Build Sewer Rehabilitation in Advance of a $1 Billion Program

Hampton Roads Sanitation District, as part of their wet weather Consent Decree, planned to execute a $1 billion program to reduce infiltration and inflow (I/I) in the collection system. This pilot was developed to test the design-build approach to deliver rehabilitation work aimed at getting I/I out of the system. This project produced important lessons learned in terms of RFP requirements, payment structure, technical specifications, negotiations and addressing challenges during construction.

Contact Richard Stahr

Maximizing Innovation and Minimizing Interruption Using Design-Build for Major Cogen System Upgrade

In 2011, Miami-Dade discovered that methane gas produced at the landfill and digester gas produced within the South District WTP could significantly cut back electric power imported from the grid, reducing the facility's reliance on fossil fuel-produced electricity. This project required close collaboration between the design-builder and operations to ensure that the construction activities were staged in a manner that eliminated process interruptions to the existing system.

Contact Robert Ortiz

Creative Contracting Strategy Delivers Utah's Newest Biosolids Cogen Facility Using Progressive Design-Build

North Davis Sewer District (NDSD) used the progressive design-build delivery method to implement an ambitious biosolids and cogeneration expansion project. This presentation discussed how the use of progressive design-build enhanced the development of what became a flagship wastewater facility for energy efficiency. Thanks to an effective procurement plan, strong collaboration and a clear understanding of client priorities, the project was delivered more than $2M under the Guaranteed Maximum Price and three months ahead of schedule.

Contact Brandon Heidelberger

Never Give Up! Strategies for Overcoming Project Delivery Challenges and Roadblocks

What goes on behind the scenes of a complicated and pressure-packed project? Learn how one team worked together to "slay the dragons" and make the effort a success and point of pride for all involved. The project team addressed the major challenges they faced, shared strategies for design-building innovative technologies on a large scale, and emphasized the vital importance of intensive partnering to overcome potential roadblocks.

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